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22nd February 2018

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:: RP Guidelines ::

While you are a member of this site you are required to keep to the following guidelines in your Roleplaying. This is intended to keep the standard of the Roleplaying as high as possible and to help you to develop your own writing skills. Please read each of the following guidelines carefully before Roleplaying on the site. If you do not understand anything, feel free to contact a staff member.

1. No Mary-Sues or Larry-Stus.

May Sues are characters that possess unrealistic or unlikely traits above and beyond those expected of a character. They are nearly always exceptionally attractive, with said attractiveness often being described in great detail and typically noticed frequently by the other characters.

If she is a supernatural being she will rarely suffer the effects of her condition. - She will have an incredibly high resistance to blood, will secretly have phased before any known shapeshifter, won't have felt at all disorientated when she first phased and will have been able to phase straight back again with no difficulties at all. She will instantly be have an incredible talent - she will able to transform into other animals, or else have cat ears in her humanoid shape, she'll also have very powerful talents. She'll fall in love with her creator's favourite character. She usually have the majority of the male characters drooling at her feet.

Mary Sues normally have exceptional physical and personal characteristics, including unusual and (typically) tragic backgrounds. They may have uncommon eye or hair colors that change with their moods, or come from a race or species which is uncommon or unknown in the storys setting. They may have exotic names, pets, or possessions, often ones with great perceived mystical or magical significance. They usually have dark or traumatic pasts, although they never suffer as a result of it, and they are generally portrayed as misunderstood or unfairly persecuted. They are often abandoned as infants or young children, from a famous or infamous family, or related somehow to all of the authors favorite characters.

The male version of Mary-Sue is referred to as a Larry-Stu or in some places, a Gary-Stu. He can also be distinguished by his his brooding, solitary behaviour, matched by his maverick disregard for authority. He is likewise endowed with amazing powers and abilities, and has the majority of the female characters falling at his feet.

For a free test to see if your character is a Mary-Sue or Larry-Stu, visit the Mary Sue Litmus Test.

2. No One-Liners.

It is generally considered to be good manners, when replying to a Roleplay, to write roughly the same amount in reply to the other members taking part. Imagine how disappointing it would be if you wrote something that took an hour only to have a single reply of: "Mary-Sue walked into the room 'OMGZ Hiiii!'" in return. Roleplay posts are currently required to consist of at least seventy five words. Any posts below this level will not receive Dazzles and will be removed.

3. No God-Moding or Metagaming.

God-Moding is a practice whereby a character automatically has everything they do work perfectly. If they cast a spell it works first time and always hits its target. When Roleplaying such a thing as a duel, always give the other player a chance to dodge the spells being cast in their direction. For instance:

"Larry-Stu shot a look at him, shooting lasers from his eyes and slaying him instantly."

Would be an example of this. Vampiric talents are rare, and every single one has its limitations. Regardless of how powerful your talent is, everyone must have a chance to act on behalf of their own character. No kind of talents which involve the control of other people are allowed, as this is a form of godmodding.

Meta-Gaming is the use by a character in a Roleplay of information that they have never learned. For instance, knowing someones name and full history before they have been introduced to them. Just because you know something or someone, it doesn't mean that your character automatically does too.

5. Play as your own characters only / No Autoing.

Autoing is an extremely irritating occurrence. It is when a player takes control of a character which does not belong to them, usually without permission. Please control only your own characters.

While you are a member of this website you have a set number of characters you can have. At this moment, that's up to four OCs (Original Characters) and two canon characters. The characters described in your profiles must be the ones you use to RP with. If your profile says you are human, you are human. If it says you have blue eyes, you have blue eyes. And so on.

6. Only accepted Vampires / Shapeshifters may Roleplay as them.

If the species on your profile says 'human', then that's what you are. Both vampires and Shapeshifters are relatively rare. It's still a human world and we have a special points system so that members may later be bitten or begin to Phase later on or may have supernatural beings as additional characters. To change something generally about your character, you need to enter the new information under the profile tab on " Many of the RPs on Nox will be open. If you wish to restrict who can taken part, please add (Closed) to the thread's title or (character name). If you see a thread with this title, it means that you can't post in it unless you have been invited by someone taking part in it already. Please don't post asking if you can join - if you're interested, send a message to the member that started the thread.

7. OOC Posts and Comments.

Please keep OOC (Out of Character) posts and comments out of the Roleplaying. They disrupt the flow of the Roleplay and also make it difficult to determine what is and isn't said by the characters themselves. If you wish to ask a question or inform someone that you have to go, it is better to use messages rather than post it. OOC threads separate to the Roleplays are fine as long as they are placed in an OOC forum.

8. Site Rating.

Equinox has long been rated a PG-15 site, both because we do have underage players and because we were a Twilight-themed site. Because we have drifted away from the latter, the staff would like to introduce a re-vamped ratings system, to be used in all threads posted on or after 3/9/2016.

(Example Thread Title: threadtitlehere [T][V/DA])

New ratings, to be included in the titles for all RP threads, are as follows:

[E] Everyone: Content is generally suitable for all ages. May contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence and/or infrequent use of mild language.

[T] Teen+: Suitable for those 13 and older, may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling and/or infrequent use of strong language.

[M] Mature: Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, and/or strong language.

[AO] Adults Only: Expressly forbidden from regular RP forums. Please message a staff member if you are over the age of 18 and we will consider an allowance in a private forum.

Explicitly forbidden in all forums, regardless of maturity ratings are: sexual violence or non-consensual sexual content, heavy drug use explicitly portrayed, suicide or self-harm, animal abuse, graphic torture, any sexual content involving underage players or characters, hate speech or hate crimes.

The site rating in OOC Forums remains to be PG/PG-13, so keep it clean.

9. Reality Check.

Apartments and Room-mates

Unless your character is at least 18 or is legally emancipated, getting an apartment with teen-aged room mates isn't likely. A landlord or realtor would never rent to someone under the age of 18, and legally unless they are emancipated, they can't sign a contract anyway.

Going back to School.

So your character dropped out and wants to go back to school. Fantastic! If they are under the age of 18, they can re-enroll in high school as long as they graduate before they turn 21. Over the age of 18, they can't go back to high school, but rather enroll in a GED program.


Parents got killed before they were 18 and your character is an under-aged orphan? That sucks. But their deaths would be investigated and your character would be placed with a guardian, either in a group home/foster care, or living with relatives. Child Protective Services would be all over an orphan situation/runaways/etc.


So your under-aged character has a job? Congratulations! Welcome to the workforce of America. It's highly unlikely your character would be working enough to support themselves until they are eighteen. High-paying jobs are very hard to come across for a teenager and considering they legally can't work full-time hours, the pay isn't going to be much. Specific jobs can be requested for your character and their relatives here.


Please keep it realistic, your 16 year old middle class high school student is highly unlikely to be driving a Porsche or an Aston Martin.

10. No Crossover Characters.

Original Characters, or OCs are meant to be just that. original. It isn't fair to those who have put the effort into creating their own characters for others to be allowed to use characters from elsewhere and still have the advantages of having an OC account. Anyone found to have a character either from, or too like an "original" character from another book, movie, or anything else that they have not created themselves will either be declined, or else asked to switch or adjust their character.

11. No Abuse

We know it happens but child abuse, domestic abuse, and drug and alcohol abuse is not something we promote or glorify in posts or profiles here on NOX. Anything that constitutes abusive situations will go the same way as orphans and emancipated minors. It doesn't fit with the PG ratings and promotes unhealthy lifestyles that are not in any way condoned.

12. Trait Caps.

At times in order to keep things balanced and as realistic as they can be... considering that we're playing Vampires and Shapeshifters... it may be necessary for us to temporarily cap certain species, types of talent, pelt colors etc. When this happens, we will make a news announcement both at the beginning and the end of those caps.

Edited by Thaddeus Leverett