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22nd February 2018

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:: Frequently Asked Questions ::

Character Information

1. How do I change my character information?

Your character's history, appearance, and personality can be changed by clicking on "Your Page" at the bottom of the left side menu. Once there, click "Profile" at the top. You can enter any changes to your character's info you'd like and then click the submit button. Your changes will be reviewed by the staff and then either accepted or rejected. You will receive a notice at the top of your screen letting you know whether or not your changes were approved.

2. Can I have more than one character/account?

At this point in time, we are allowing users to have up to four original characters, two canons and potentially two NPCs, each additional OC costing 1,000 dazzles. Dazzles can be transferred between linked accounts. Staff members are allowed to have up to one extra character of each category so that they do not have to be "on call" constantly for staff duties, whereas normal users are limited to the five. Rules and limitations apply to all accounts, regardless of primary or secondary, etc use.

3. Can I be a Vampire/Shapeshifter/Dhampir/Witch?

Yes, eventually. We use a "points" system, which is described below in the section called "Dazzles". In order to qualify to become these species, you must earn enough Dazzles to purchase shifting/vamping.


1. How do I use the forums?

Forum use is relatively easy to learn. If a forum specifies that it is a role-play forum only, then the forum is restricted to posts intended for role-play use only, not for out-of-character (OOC) conversation. There is an OOC thread that all users can access, and all species bases contain their own OOC threads as well. In order to post a thread, simply click "New Topic" at the top of the forum. To post a reply, scroll down to the bottom of the thread and you will see a box where you can type a reply. There are buttons that allow you to edit the text within your post to make it boldface, italic, underline, etc. Also, you have the option to quote a person's post simply by clicking "Quick-Quote" at the bottom of the reply you want to quote. Some forums are restricted for use by only a certain group of users, e.g. administrators, species mods, canon characters.

2. How do I get an avatar and signature?

First, you'll need pictures for that (you can go to the Graphics Forum to request signatures and/or avatars). Upload them to an image site (for example, Photobucket), copy the Direct Link for the avatar and the "IMG" code for the signature, then go to "Preferences". Paste the links in the correct fields, enter your password as confirmation and click "Submit".
(Note: the maximum size for the avatar is 100w x 100h, signatures are 500w x 400h, and that includes everything in your signature.)

3. How do I use forum code?

Forums use BB Code, above the reply box there are a number of helpful buttons to assist with this.

4. How do I use smilies?

Smilies can be used by entering the proper code in your posts. The codes for all of the smilies available on Nox can be found in this thread.

5. How do I submit an idea to the site?

Ideas for the site can be submitted in the Suggestions Forum. If you aren't a member of Nox already, you can contact us via this form.

6. Why can't I edit my own posts?

Only staff can edit posts. However, if you feel strongly about removing or adding something to a specific post (note: strongly...otherwise the staff will be forever busy), then you can private message one of them.

7. How do I send a private message?

You can send a private message (also known as a PM) to another member by clicking on the "Messages" link at the bottom of the left menu. Once there, click on "Compose" and fill in the information: the username of the person you wish to message, a subject for your PM, and then, of course, the message itself. Click the send button.

8. How do I use my friends list?

The friends list can be used to keep track of people's profiles, to send them a message quickly, and many other things. To view your friends list, go here. To add someone to your friends list, simply enter their username in the box at the bottom of the list. When someone adds you to their friends list, you receive an event message at the top of your page.


1. How can I find someone to roleplay with?

You can look through the RP forums for people and send them a message or you can simply post an open RP somewhere (an open RP is an RP that everyone can join). You can also post a thread in the Sub-Plots forum requesting people to RP with you. To start an RP strictly for earning dazzles, please use the thread that is pinned in the Sub-Plots forum.

2. What is an RP rank?

The RP Rank measures your average word count and gives you a rank according to that. 0-5 is beginner, 5-10 Intermediate, 10-15 Advances and 15 and above is Elite, which will give you a fancy little ribbon under your avatar.

3. How do I roleplay?

Roleplaying is essentially a written blurb about your character's actions and interactions with others on the site. For a good idea of what roleplaying is, you can look at some of the existing roleplaying threads on the site or see the Roleplaying Guidelines for more help. You can also view some tutorials here.

4. What is the site rating?

For all OOC (Out of Character) threads and forums, we prefer players to stick with PG/PG-13 language and images, including signatures and such. For all RP posts, we have a rating system that can be used to determine appropriate language for any given post. We also require posts to use proper warnings and ratings in the titles when they are created. These ratings are [E] Everyone, [T] Teen, and [M] Mature. Expressly forbidden in any RP forum are things like abuse, derogatory language or hate speech, suicide or self-harm, and heavy drug use.

6. What are the RP Guidelines and why do I need to stick to them?

The guidelines can be read HERE.
We need to have some Roleplaying rules on the site in order to keep things reasonably realistic, and to ensure that things don't clash with site canon. As well as keeping the site as close to the site canon as possible, the guidelines are there to protect the writing of the members. Imagine if you'd spent hours writing a long, detailed Roleplay, only to have a another member jump in playing a winged mutant with weapons embedded in his or her body and lasers for eyes, who killed everyone instantly. You'd be annoyed, right?


1. What are Dazzles?

Dazzles are points you can earn on Nox. You can earn them by several things and when you have enough Dazzles, you can exchange them to become a shapeshifter/vampire, for example, or you can get a driver's license. You can also exchange your Dazzles for special items (a list of said items should be up soon). You can check your current amount of Dazzles here.

2. How can I earn Dazzles?

You can see a list of ways to earn dazzles here.

Items and Money

1. How do I buy an item?

Items will soon be able to be purchased in stores. We are working on getting that feature up and running, and it will hopefully be available shortly.

2. How do I get more money?

Coming Soon

3. How do I get a job?

You can apply for a job for your character here.


1. Who are the staff members?

The current staff members are:
Listed Here. They are the people responsible for making sure the site keeps on working and they enforce the rules.

2. How do I contact the staff?

You can contact the admins by going to the Contact Us page, or you can send a message to them on the site.

3. Can I be a staff member? How are they chosen?

Staff members are hand picked by the Administrators. There is no application process and you cannot become one if you simply ask. All our current staff members were chosen because their knowledge and dedication to the site that stood out above the rest. Staff positions are limited and this means that not every dedicated and helpful user will be promoted to staff.

Support the Site

1. How can I support the site?

You can help support the site by leaving reviews on the few topsites that we have joined - the links are beneath the affiliates on the right navigation bar. You may also help to keep the site up by donating through Paypal. In return for donations of $5.00 or more, members will receive a special forum title, a donator button under their name in the forums, a special rare item for each month that they donate, and a 10% discount on dazzle purchases.

Affiliation and Site Information

1.Will you link to my site?

Any affiliation requests can be submitted using this form.

2. How did you make the site? is a self-coded site. It is not a site like those found on Proboards, Invisionfree, etc. It was made, and is maintained, by several dedicated staff members that put their time and effort into making Equinox into the advanced and fully-functioning site you see today.

3. How was Equinox started?

Equinox was originally a Twilight RP site which began in late 2007 but with the declining interest in Twilight and the inventive and creative OCs made by our members, the staff decided to take a different route and we are now an RP site focused on the supernatural. If you see any lingering Twilight references, that's why!

4. What are the site rules?

The site rules can be read here.

5. What happens if I break a rule?

Breaking a rule will most likely result in a warning, possibly more depending on the rule that was broken. Three warnings from the staff will result in your being 'jailed' for three days (unable to access the site). Further three warnings result in a jailing for a week. If you receive a further three warnings after that, it is unfortunately likely that you might be banned permanently.

6. The site has technical issues! What do I do?

Contact a staff member if you can! We'll get on fixing it as soon as possible, if the site's down for maintenance or other reasons, we'd suggest waiting until everything comes back up! It shouldn't take too long.

Edited by Thaddeus Leverett