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Makah Beta Results!
In a very tough decision resulting in a tie-breaking vote, the new Makah Beta is BEE JEST.

Congratulations to all applicants as I must stress that they were all fantastic and definitely made a difficult decision for everyone involved.
News Post: 497, Posted by: Mimi Tallulah on 2009-12-19 22:41:28

Happy Holidays!
We've got a super fun Christmas event for you guys so if you want to enjoy the festivities, head on over to the [url=http://www.equinoxrpg.com/forum.php?id=173]North Pole[/url]. There's cash and prizes up for grabs and the event will last until midnight on December 30th.
News Post: 496, Posted by: Dallas Telutci on 2009-12-19 21:45:33

Supernatural/Canon Activity Check!
There will be a supernatural/canon activity check on Saturday, December 19. This means that if you are a vampire, shapeshifter, or canon character, and you have not made a post within 30 days prior to December 19, you will lose your canon character/vampirism/shapeshifter ability.

If you become active before someone earns your canon position, you will be able to get your canon character back (the ex will be taken from the login name). If you are a shapeshifter or vampire, it will cost the appropriate dazzles to become a vampire or shapeshifter again.

People who have posted on the [url=http://www.equinoxrpg.com/forum-view.php?fid=159&tid=9921]Official Absence List[/url] and are on the list are exempt from this Activity Check.

Staff members with canons please post in the staff room thread.
News Post: 495, Posted by: Mimi Tallulah on 2009-12-16 15:15:19

Christmas Album
Technically today was going to be the deadline for sending songs in but since I haven't received very many, I'll give you guys until this weekend. The album will come out sometime on the 20th so you still have time to let your voice be heard!
News Post: 494, Posted by: Dallas Telutci on 2009-12-15 14:58:12

Call of the Alpha
Attention all Tanaina Shifters and Humans! We need to do a roll call so head over to the appropriate threads.

Tanaina that are currently able to phase please see the pinned thread in the shifter species base or click [url=http://www.equinoxrpg.com/forum-view.php?fid=5&tid=14918]here[/url].

Tanaina humans please see the pinned thread in the human species base or click [url=http://www.equinoxrpg.com/forum-view.php?fid=32&tid=14919]here[/url].

More information will follow in the next week.
News Post: 493, Posted by: Articus Ursus on 2009-12-14 20:14:22

Watched Threads Update
You are now able to watch new threads that you create. In the new thread page, make sure you check the box that says "Watch This Thread".

Also, all staff please read [url=http://www.equinoxrpg.com/forum-view.php?fid=63&tid=14915]this thread[/url].
News Post: 492, Posted by: Holly Stephens on 2009-12-14 16:21:22

Calling All Spunky Forks High Boys!
Is your character tired of being a loner and wants some hunky friends? Is your character a fitness freak? Have you ever felt like turning that spunky character of yours into a Spartan machine? Either way, I'd like you to consider this great opportunity that I am about to offer.

The Forks High School football team AKA the Spartans has available space so if you are an active, good looking boy with serious ball skills this is your final chance to score a place on the team before the season begins.

To make sure the Spartans team has the best players it can possibly get all those wishing to join the team must go through a grueling tryout judged by the head Spartan Cheerleader, yours truly.

For more information on Spartans tryouts please see [url=http://www.equinoxrpg.com/forum-view.php?fid=12&tid=14885]this thread[/url] immediately. Time is of the essence my friends so do not wait.

[color=red]There's also another position available on Warriors team! If you're interested in playing for the Warrior fill out the same app and PM them to Mimi Tallulah![/color] - Added by Mimi Tallulah
News Post: 491, Posted by: on 2009-12-13 22:00:37

Caw, caw!
Calling all Makahs! We’re accepting application for Makah Flock Beta until midnight on December 18th so if you’re interested, send the following form to our head shifter, Mimi Tallulah.

Why you would like to be Beta:
Amount of time spent on Nox:
Any leadership experience:

Good luck!
News Post: 490, Posted by: Dallas Telutci on 2009-12-12 21:56:52

Canonfest Results
Aro is… Juliyette Allure!
Benjamin is… Bee Jest!
Corin is… Claudia Foxe!
Embry is… James Soloman!
Katrina is… Dexter Reinhart!
And the spot of Afton was filled by a newbie so let’s welcome them into our ranks!

Congratulations everyone. If the winners could please repost their applications in the multiple account form, we‘ll accept you straightaway. We got a lot of great applications so if you didn’t get the role you were after, don’t be discouraged. Try for another one! We still have a bunch of open canons.

As most of you know, our Alec wants to roleplay with the top Janes before a decision is made. Those top five have been chosen and have a special forum made for the rp part of the audition. So if Arya Cole, Carlisle Cullen, Julia Bremm, Yarah Diagne, and exJane Volturi could head over to [url=http://www.equinoxrpg.com/forum.php?id=107]THIS[/url] forum and start a roleplay for Alec, we can get this underway. Rps will run until midnight on Thursday 17th and the role will be announced by Saturday.
News Post: 489, Posted by: Dallas Telutci on 2009-12-12 21:08:43

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