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18th December 2014

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Attention member people!
Laura, our lovely owner, has been working her tail off lately. So, I've put her in time out to get some mandatory rest. :P

This means that for ANY inquiries that you believe are appropriate for Laura, please direct them to me instead. That means any PMs, MSN messages, or emails (you can direct emails to or

She will return on Friday, but even then, feel free to direct questions to me instead, to lighten her load.

Happy posting, everyone!
News Post: 511, Posted by: Holly Beckett on 2010-02-09 18:38:38

New Years Winners!
Congratulations to the following winners of our New Years Contests!

[b]Forks in the Future:[/b]
Benji Knight
50 dazzles and a crystal ball

[b]Cross Word Challenge:[/b]
1. Catriona MacKay
2. Claudia Foxe
3. Arya Cole
1. $250+ Cheesecake
2. $175+ Cheesecake
3. $100+ Cheesecake

[i]PS- The cheesecake is because I eat cheesecake on New Years. :)[/i]

Winners will receive their prizes soon!
News Post: 510, Posted by: Max Varner on 2010-02-06 21:05:07

News Update
It took a while, but the News have been updated and the most recent News are here:


Taylor Lautner is looking to take on the role of Max Steel in a big screen adaption of the popular Mattel toy line. The Max Steel film, slated for a 2011 release, would follow the adventures of Josh McGrath, a 19-year-old extreme sports athlete who becomes endowed with the powers of nano-technological machine. Oh, yum.

[url=]Full article here[/url]


Yesterday, Stephenie's brother Seth posted on that the New Moon DVD is now available for Pre-Order

The The Twilight Saga: New Moon DVD is now available for pre-order! Just FYI: if you pre-order now, will give you a refund if the price goes down before the DVD release date (like it did for the Twilight DVD). Just a little over two months to wait until you can watch New Moon every day.[/quote]



[url=]Click here for full article[/url]

Howard Shore was announced as official composer for the Eclipse movie :^_^: You might know him from the Lord of the Rings movies.


[url=]Click here for full article[/url]

Young Kim will be illustrating a manga version of the Twilight novel. Stephenie Meyer has had full input, so it is bound to be to her liking. It will be published on the 16th of March. :^_^:


[url=]Click here for full article[/url]

Robert Pattinson, Anna Kendrick and Taylor Lautner were involved in the Hope for Haiti Telethon, where Rob read out a statement about a girl that got trapped and saved through a text message.
News Post: 509, Posted by: Georgia Winston on 2010-01-30 21:02:35

Attention All Half-Native Humans
Hello Nox! This is to inform you that the staff have decided to put a freeze on shifting for all half-native humans, as there are already a lot and it's unrealistic.

Should your character be half-native and you want to shift, you can purchase a character change for 1500 dazzles to have your character become full native. Along with this you will be able to then change your portrayer to someone who fits the full native profile, should your current one not be suitable.

Thank you for your attention and have a nice day :)
News Post: 508, Posted by: Georgia Winston on 2010-01-17 05:18:04

Christmas Winners Have Been Announced!
Thank you to everyone who participated in all the North Pole Festivities. XD

A [url=] List of Winners [/url] has been posted in the OOC chat, so make sure to check it out.

Winners should be receiving their prizes shortly.

News Post: 507, Posted by: Rhian Maughan on 2010-01-09 23:58:20

Profile Updates! - IMPORTANT
[center][color=red][s]All members please do not try and submit profile changes until further notice.[/s]
You may now submit profile changes as long as you save a copy of the changes either on your computer or on your account by sending a private message to yourself. [/color][/center]

[s]There is a bug which is clearing the profile's of those who try to update. The staff are doing the best they can to get everything back to normal so for now please do not update unless you want to lose everything. Thanks.[/s]
News Post: 506, Posted by: on 2010-01-04 21:16:10

New Staff!
Please give your congratulations to Miss Catriona MacKay who has recently become a Global Moderator!

[center][i]"Cat's soaring, flying...
There's not a forum on Nox that she can't see."[/i]
- Jelly. XD[/center]
News Post: 505, Posted by: Max Varner on 2010-01-04 20:11:00

It’s the final countdown…
*corny theme music*

There are just eight weeks left until our Breaking Dawn plot will end and the site will begin to follow a new storyline. In order to make sure that we cover the most important parts of the plot, Edward and I have designed a timeline of events to be covered which will shortly be posted in the site wide plot forum for reference.

This means that all Canons who have a part in book 3 will be required to check the list and make sure that they post in the threads that they are meant to be involved with. If you will be unable to post over the next eight weeks, then you need to tell us [I]NOW.[/I] Especially if you are a major Canon. Those who do not post on time and have not informed us that they would be unable to post in advance will have their thread(s) covered by an understudy. If we have to use an understudy on three separate occasions and you are not officially “away” then you risk losing your Canon.

All Canons who complete all of the posts that their character is meant to be involved with will receive a special shiny plot item at the end of the eight weeks. In addition to this, all SWP posts between now and that time will receive [b]TRIPLE[/b] dazzles. And finally, in six weeks time we will be opening nominations for the site’s first set of Canon Awards. These Awards will be taking place towards the end of each of the site’s plots and will reward accurate, dedicated and entertaining portrayals and posts. Nominations will close at the same time as the plot, and the winners will be announced one week later, as will the second NOX Gypsy Cloak, which is also awarded once per SWP and which goes to an Original Character. Click [url=/forum.php?id=233]here for more details on the Gypsy Cloak.[/url]

If you do not yet play a Canon and would like to do so, please write a History, Personality, Appearance and Role-play Sample for the character you’re interested in, and either send it in a PM to a [url=/staff.php]staff member[/url], or if you do not yet have a second account, you can use the form linked to at the top of your [url=your page.php]preferences page[/url].
News Post: 504, Posted by: Iago Olivieri on 2010-01-03 22:45:00

Christmas Contests Closed & New Years Opened!
Just a note to let everyone know the Christmas contests have now closed.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the festivities.

Winners will be announced soon!


So, while we all have our New Years Eve plans, so does Nox. This year's festivities will be held in Port Angeles at the Irish Eyes Pub. So head over to Port Angeles to ring in the new year with the rest of us Noxians. Our lovely party will last from today, December 31st, to January 14th. Have fun while it lasts, but remember if you have too much fun there could be consequences. ;)
News Post: 503, Posted by: Rhian Maughan on 2009-12-31 00:22:20

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